Tuesday, 15 Jun 2021

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This website was set up in 2002 to record and preserve digitally, the many old painted signs (ghost signs) still to be found around the United Kingdom's villages, towns and cities. These signs advertise products and services which were available at the time, most are long gone. They include local shops, services such as builders merchants, iron mongers, undertakers etc., breweries and their products, factories and mills.

Whilst searching for these signs, it became apparent that this website should record anything that is considered a "Sign of the Past".

Many signs can still be found which date back to Victorian and Edwardian time and with the advent of the digital camera it is now easy to save these sightings for posterity. I have set myself an arbitrary time frame from the 1800's to the 1970's, as I consider anything after that as being "modern". 

I intend to create galleries of sightings and will be continuously posting new pictures on these pages .

Please feel free to visit my website, send me some of your pictures and hopefully just  enjoy what you see.

Terry Nelson